An advisory approach and attentive listening!


Let's get to know each other and define your search. After the first phase of discovery, we will together validate the consistency of the project with the reality of the real estate market.

Mac Kinley will also offer you properties coming from our partner agencies, so you won't have to define your search criteria every time.


Main residence :

Family project, functional housing adapted to the main dwelling, proximity to transport, work, school, shops? Respect of the budget during the acquisition but also the cost of use (charges etc.). The adaptability of the property and possibility of works?



Coastline or rather hinterland? Sea view, pool, terrace with a view on the hills or the city center in a bourgeois building? Let's study your project together!



Rental investment? Or of the buy/resale type? Let's study the specifications and the desired objective in terms of yield, duration, valuation, liquidity ... (Consult our dedicated section)



Specific study and presentation of the purchasing process and the costs of ownership in France. 



As a residential specialist, Mac Kinley does not offer any commercial property research or marketing services.