The seller's approach is guided by a double objective, price and time. After estimating the property, we offer a sale price adapted to the market taking into account the condition of the property and a certain number of criteria that may weight the price such as the floor, the exposition, the exteriors, etc.


It is important to note that the link between the sale price and sale time is often underestimated by sellers ...


Once the price has been settled together, the most possible complete sales file should be put together in order to avoid losing a buyer customer on bad information or imprecision.


The file made up, including the photos of the property is distributed directly to online media as well as to our real estate partners for proposal to their own clients.


As part of a collaboration with another agency, the costs remain the same for our selling client since we share our fees with our colleague.

As always, we will assist you in managing your departure by your side. If you wish, we can have a cellar, garage or cluttered rooms cleared, or cancel your subscriptions.